Perfect Fit...Won't Slip!

About Us

Diva Bandz is the designer and manufacturer of non-slip, adjustable headbands for active women and girls.  More than that, we are a company that cares!  What makes us unique?

Diva Bandz was founded by a female entreprenuer, Nicole Safley.  Nicole has always had a passion for working at home and a true desire to help other women be able to stay home with their children while still contributing to the family income.  When she founded the company, she made a conscious decision to hire those exact women as seamstresses, marketers, etc.

All Diva Bandz products are proudly made in the United States by work-at-home, stay-at-home moms.  Your purchase is not just another throw-away, but a quality headband lovingly made by our professional seamstresses.  By supporting our company, you are supporting the future. It is important to us that mothers be allowed to put their children/family first.  Because our workers are all independent, they are able to work when they want, where they want so that they may enjoy the flexibility needed to meet the many other demands on them as mothers and wives.

We believe that this philosophy and corporate arrangement will be beneficial to our communities, our vendors, our customers and our business growth.  If this is something that excites you as much as it does us, maybe working with Diva Bandz is the right move for you.  Check out our job listings for more information.


Meet Our Team

Owner of Diva Bandz - Nicole SafleyNicole Safley, Owner/Founder

Nicole is mom of 4, wife to John, a serial entrepreneur, as well as an IT professional.  For the past 20 years, Nicole has worked in various home businesses and has helped many other women get started in home business as well.  In 2011, Nicole decided to take a new twist on home business and create her own product.  She combined her passion for working from home and a belief that women should be able to stay home with their children and still be able to contribute to the family finances when she created Diva Bandz.  

Diva Bandz is a product born out of necessity.  Her 3 daughters all play(ed) volleyball and she spent a tremendous amount of time at the gym.  One of her biggest pet peeves was watching the players adjust their hair between plays.  Inevitably, someone would be picking up a headband off the floor as the other team was serving.  Enough!  Then she came across the idea of a non-slip headband that could be adjusted to fit any size head.  Funny thing...they worked!  Yep, the girls started wearing them and the sliding and falling off just wasn't an issue any more, and VIOLA...DIVA BANDZ was born!